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Performance Surf Training Workshop NYC

Performance Surf Training Workshop
Open to all levels but targeted to EXPERIENCED and ADVANCED surfers.
Learn the best athletic development exercises to increase power, speed and balance for surfers.
Surfers don’t need to be big and strong, we need to be fast powerful and graceful, we are not bodybuilders or contact sport athletes.
All exercises covered are bodyweight and plyometric based & can be done with no equipment.
Come with an open mind, and be prepared for a workout!
When: 7:30pm Tue 6th May
Where: Bent Pilates, 754 9th Ave, NY, NY 10019
Tickets are $35
This workshop is limited to 10 spaces so book your spot NOW by calling:
Bent Pilates 212 246 4556


Dry-Land Surf Lesson Workshop NYC

Surf training and Bent Pilates Present:

Dry-Land Surf Lesson Workshop

Learn the movements of surfing before your lesson.
Build the strength and mobility for fast pop ups and a balanced stance.
Surfing requires specific mobility and strength to be performed successfully, and to progress. Given that the amount of time you spend ‘surfing’ during a surf is minimal (3-5%) it makes sense to work on the movements of surfing before you hit the water and in between surfs.

We teach your body how to surf without the added dymamics of the ocean. So when you get in the water you can focus on having fun without bodily restriction getting in the way.

Designed for beginners and those looking to take thier first lesson this summer.

For more info check out:
or email:

When: 7:30pm Wednesday 9th April.

Where: Bent Pilates, 754 9th ave, NY, NY. 10019.

Tickets are $35.

Spots are limited! First in, First serve.
To book: phone Bent Pilates (212) 246 4556



The Foot

feet surfing foot training

A close look at our connection to the surfboard; The Foot


More Reasons to Exercise

Surf Training Workshop NYC

Surf training
Monday 17th March, 2014, 7pm
@ Bent Pillates Studio,
 754 9th Ave #2,
New York, NY 10019.  MAP
Price: $30
To book Phone (212) 246-4556
Surf Training Workshops are a 1.5 – 2 hour intensive overview of how to train to improve and maintain surfing fitness strength and mobility in between surfs and surf trips. Learn what to do out of the water to build and maintain your surfing performance. Includes 30mins of theory and 1 – 1.5 hours of practical exercise. Each attendee with leave with
1. An understanding of what helps and what hinders your surfing.
2. A basic exercise routine to begin immediatly. (can be done at home with no equipment)
3. Ongoing support to keep progressing
Questions? email:

Surf Training workout – Bodyweight Circuit

3 rounds of:

1. Pop-up Push ups, 10 reps

2. Single Leg Squats, 5 ea side

3. Chin-ups, 10 reps

4. Surf Squats Under Low Bar, 20 reps

5. Deep Dips, 10 reps

6. 30 Sec rest, deep breathing, 5 sec in – 5 sec out

Are Dancers more passionate than Surfers?

Surf training New york

YES. When Dancers aren’t dancing they are learning or practicing to improve their movement so next time they dance they can dance more freely. Dancers practice efficient movement and aspects of choreography on a daily basis in preparation for the next dance. Do you practice the movements of surfing on a daily basis when the surf is flat?

Just as a musician spends time getting to know an instrument and music theory (scales etc) the dancer spends time exploring their body, practicing subtle movements, stretching, rehab exercises, yoga classes, pilates, gymnastics. Every minute seems to be focused on getting to know their bodies better so that they can express themselves freely, removing the physical limitations of the body so pure self-expression can be experienced. Learning how nutrition and lifestyle affects their health.

In the past 5 years or so we have seen pro surfers hire personal trainers and coaches, they speak of good nutrition and chiropractors etc. The surfing world is catching up to other sports in the sense that surfers are seen as ‘athletes’ as well as surfers. Sadly we see surfers adopting the kind of exercises you tend to see contact sport athletes and sprinters doing. Olympic lifting exercises and gym or body building exercise to increase ‘horsepower’, and these workouts have their place, but only for the elite. Good surfing is less about muscular body that capable of pure strength and speed like we see with sprinters and contact sports athletes. It is more like dancing and martial arts - grace - flow – timing – body awareness – movement efficiency – skill building drills; these give birth to power and speed. Only when you can move through full range of motion with awareness and flow should you consider ‘horsepower’. And for most surfers this is the case.

The martial arts and dance world is lot older than surfing and other professional sports so it makes sense that as surfers we look at them as well as the latest technologies in athletic ‘gym based’ performance strategies.

In MMA, talented multi disciplinary martial artists adding strength and conditioning training into the mix can produce absolutes beasts in the ring. However I doubt they could lay a finger on the likes of Bruce Lee – whose famous motto is ‘move like water’. Bruce always had flow and grace in mind when training/practicing. He understood that controlled smooth and efficient movement precedes fast accurate and powerful movement. In surfing we could compare Laird Hamilton with Kelly Slater, Laird is a big wave specialist and all-round waterman. He does a lot of strength training in between big swells to keep strong and resilient (big wave surfing is a contact sport).In the gym and pound for pound laird is probably stronger, but put Kelly vs Laird in 4-6ft perfection and Kelly will outshine in all areas, speed – power – flow.

If your more concerned with improving your grace, your range of motion, body awareness etc to become a fluid fast and agile surfer then go easy on the body building and weightlifting stuff.

Do bodyweight drills, try Yoga, Pilates, Dance, gymnastics, athletics or learn a Martial Art. Or if you are in NYC and resonate with this, then get in touch :)


Surf Lessons in New York

surf lesson dry land

Learn how to surf before you even get wet. With dry-land surf lessons we teach you the basic movement patterns of surfing. Building the mobility, strength and balance you need to be able to catch your first wave and stand up. Even advanced surfers only spend 3-5% of their time in the water actually surfing a wave. This is both part of surfings allure and mystery, but also explains why it takes so long to learn. Cut down your learning time by building the correct movement patterns on dry land.

One to one personal lessons, and group lessons are available starting February 2014 in New York and Brooklyn.

Please email –  for more details and bookings.

Deep Squat

Kelly slater mobility

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your surfing outside of the water is develop a deep squat. Being able to get low and stay balanced is key to tube riding and is needed as a ‘go to’ position to prevent falls and recover from committed turns. The deep squat requires ample hip knee and ankle mobility, it decompresses the lower spine and improve digestion. Spend some time in the deep squat every day. Put the laptop on the coffee table and sit deep instead of slouching in your chair. All surfers should be able to do a deep squat. Here is a great vid and an article with some drills on how to improve yours:

Surfers Protest GMO’s

Surfers who care about their health do not want to be guinea-pigs for genetically modified foods (GMO’s). They gathered in numbers in Hawaii today:

Support local organic farmers!



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