Surf Exercise Selection

When choosing exercises that will help to improve your surfing performance, consider the following questions:

Does the movement look like surfing?

Is it a body weight exercise?

Is it functional?

A lot of sports performance protocols and methods are designed for athletes that require maximum strength and/or size. The surfers that are really good aren’t big or overly muscular. Size and maximum strength is not the goal when training for surfing. Stick will natural, functional bodyweight exercises.

We spend a lot of time paddling when surfing so during flat spells, or if you don’t get out during the week then get in the pool and swim! The better your paddle fitness the more waves you will catch.

If you surf a lot then you will probably know your weakness. Work on the weakness only. Two 1/2 hr sessions per week of the right exercises can transform any athlete, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Also yoga and pilates may be a good option for body-awareness, flexibility, recovery and prehab.

Basic movements like bodyweight squats, jumping and landing, pushups and burpees can be highly effective in improving and maintaining surf fitness. I will be posting new videos on these every week. If you have any specific questions leave a comment here.


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