Surf Lessons and Coaching

Pro surfers have “coaches” and are always refining their style and tweaking their repertoire. “Surf lessons” are often perceived as something we do to learn the basics of surfing & gives the Mrs something to do on surf trips. The culture of intermediate – advanced every day surfers never getting a lesson or coaching seems ridiculous. As surfers we all want to surf better, the better we surf the more fun it is. Most other individual sports have a strong coaching culture i.e. tennis, golf.

Having a surf lesson can put a whole new perspective on every aspect of surfing from the way you paddle in or bottom turn, to the type of board you ride and of course your frame of mind in the water. Their are many great surf coaches out there, passionate about improving every aspect of surfing and willing to pass on knowledge and techniques to others. They have read all the books, tried all the techniques, helped many to learn from scratch and coached pros to winning performances.

Go and get some coaching done!!

One response to “Surf Lessons and Coaching

  1. I learned surfing the hard (normal) way: I got a second hand board and off I was, took me about a week to stand on my board and I have been improving on my own since then. Last weekend I found myself invited to a video assisted surf lesson and it was very useful. I would definitely recommend getting some coaching/trainer once in a while. This will help you push yourself further. This is particularly true if you are the most advance in your surf group or surf buddies.

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