Flow in sport is often described as being fully present in the moment, in the ‘zone’, AWARENESS. A synergistic unity of body, mind and spirit. Surf flow is not something to be gained. It is something you must get out of the way of. Most surfers have experienced surf flow at some stage, when its just you and 3 friends at your favorite break, set after set of 3-4ft glass, everything flows. Engaging that flow every time you surf is easier said than done. Getting in touch with your surf-flow on dry land regularly is the best way to get the most out of your precious time in the water.

Awareness and freedom of movement can be enhanced through dry land training. Surf specific strength training, mobility, body awareness techniques, yoga, meditation and many other things can help to unbind your surf-flow.

The body is a temple for your spirit to move.

If you are not working on expanding the bodies ability to move freely with speed, grace and strength then you are limiting the freedom of your souls creative expression through the medium of the body temple. Look after your temple, keep it healthy, strong, and supple. Surf fast, powerful and smooth – flow.


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