Kelly Slater: Better with age

Surf Health and Fitness

Its about being disciplined beyond comprehension with what I put in my body” Kelly Slater

I used to think that my prime was my 20’s and that after 30 my surfing ability would start to decline. The gift of youth is somewhat an illusion. Kelly Slater is in his 40’s and is still the best. Beating men half his age. How does he do it? He is focused, his performance in the water is more important than anything else. So every aspect of his life is modified with this in mind. Health & fitness plays a major role.

I am 31 now and feel stronger in the water than ever before. I have had to modify my lifestyle to slow the affects of aging, but it is all worth it. Waking up early with a clear mind and a body that feels amazing is a well cherished achievement…

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