Your lower back hurts because you are fat.

Body fat isn’t just stored between the skin and muscle, it is also stored around our internal organs – ‘subcutaneous fat’. The more fat you store here the less room there is for the following:

-Optimal organ function

-Optimal abdominal muscle function

-Optimal lumber muscle and soft tissue function and blood supply

-Optimal diaphragm function, your breathing!!!

-Optimal blood, lymph fluid flow…

…to name a few

Pressure. Extra stuff (fat) means extra pressure on your lower back. Poor abdominal musculature from the same pressure leaves the lower back less stable and more susceptible to injury and re-injury. When you lie on your board it adds even more pressure, part of the reason surfing can be the trigger for lower back pain.

No amount of re-hab, acupuncture, chiropractor visits etc can fight against this harsh truth.

Relieve some pressure by following these: principles

And some more tips here: 5WLTips

Please note: Bloating from binge eating, processed foods and allergens can cause similar symptoms.

Measure around your belly at belly button level. Relaxed, not sucking in. This measurement should be less that your hip measurement (widest part at bum/pelvis level) and your chest measurement. Your tummy should look flat from the side. When you are in the paddle position your body weight should be distributed through your ribcage and pelvis, not your belly. In this position you should be able to pull your belly button off the floor (without lifting your hips)


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