Example Workout (NYC Workshop)

Big thanks again to those who attended last weeks workshop. I hope you have been practicing what was learnt. Below is an example of how you can combine the exercises we discussed into a more surf specific combo.

Start prone, 5 sec cobra hold, 3 slow WYW’s, 3 slow surf push-ups and on the 3rd swing front leg through into the bottom of the squat, 3 slow body weight squats, 3 surf squats, then slowly back down to the cobra, 3 alternate arm reaches on each side, 1 fast pop -up. Rest 30 sec’s (or do 10 overhead wall squats) and repeat 3 more times.

1 round will take you approx 1min 30 sec, 30 sec rest. x 4 is 8mins. Everyone can find 8 mins. Remember its not about the intensity or the time spent, its about quality of movement.

Here is a link to a vid showing the above.


Also here is a link to details on the pop-up

Keep fit, keep healthy, keep surfing.

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