SH&F Workshop, NY.

Surf Health and Fitness Workshop  at Human@ease . Michael has been a surfer and a Personal Trainer for 14 years and has strong passions for both surfing and health.

You will learn surf specific exercise, basic sports nutrition, how to look after your body so you can surf better, and to keep surfing forever.

Workshop will consist of:
* 30mins presentation about surf specific movement, strength, flow, mobility and basic sports nutrition.

* 50mins of practical strength and mobility exercise, covering paddling position, pop up, tube riding, top and bottom turns.

* Q&A to finish.

Suitable for all levels of surfing

Cost: $20.


Space can be reserved online:!workshops/capd

or call to pay over the phone

(718) 388-2900)


If you have any questions feel free to email us:

630 – 8pm Mon 5th Aug


31 Nassau Ave

Brooklyn, NY


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