Avocado – Surf Superfood

Avocados are a perfect blend of macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs) for surfing.  The high fat content will give slow release, long lasting energy for extended sessions, the carbs will give you instant energy to paddle straight back out, and the protein content will replenish amino acids and satiate hunger.  Avocado is also unprocessed and raw, and contains lots of enzymes for easy digestion. Make sure your avo is ripe (unripe fruit is difficult to digest).   Add celtic sea salt for electrolytes, and pepper for improved digestion.

1/2 -1 avo for ‘straight back out there‘ snacks

2-3 avo for a ‘chill for 1/2hr before going back out‘ snack

It’s important to keep ‘straight back out there‘ mid-surf snacks small and easily digestible. Larger snacks and meals can switch you autonomic nervous system into ‘rest and digest’ making you feel slow and uncertain in the water. You need to keep your nervous system in a ‘fight or flight’ readiness.. like the tiger stalking its prey – calm and silent yet primed for fast action.

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