Squatting: Part 2 – Wall Squats

Having practiced a controlled ‘sit – stand squat’ (as described here in part 1) maintaining awareness of posture, movement and breathing, we now progress the movement. If you haven’t done so, please read part 1 as it describes the most basic squat in detail, and tips that apply to all forms of squatting.

Lets start by describing the ‘ideal’ wall squat; facing the wall, toes touching the wall, feet no wider than shoulder width and pointing straight ahead (see pic 1). Knees and nose are NOT to touch the wall, finger tips can for awareness, keeping feet flat perform a deep squat. Keep focused on smooth, controlled and balanced movement. Often the most challenging part of the movement is moving through the midway point when hips are at knee height (see pic 2), make sure you keep heels down and knees at feet width here. Breathe out as you go down and go as low as you can (see pic 3), breathe in as you come up. Keep the movement slow. 10 reps.

It is a very challenging exercise for most, but is easily modified for anyone. Simply stand further away (1 foot max), point toes out at 40 degrees and widen stance. Find a distance/position that is do-able, yet challenging. This will be your start point and from here you can slowly progress closer each week.

See Vid here:

Then move onto: Part 3


Wall Squat 1

pic 1

Pic 2
Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 3

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