Deep Squat

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your surfing outside of the water is develop a deep squat. Being able to get low and stay balanced is key to tube riding and is needed as a ‘go to’ position to prevent falls and recover from committed turns. The deep squat requires ample hip knee and ankle mobility, it decompresses the lower spine and improve digestion. Spend some time in the deep squat every day. Put the laptop on the coffee table and sit deep instead of slouching in your chair. All surfers should be able to do a deep squat. Here is a great vid and an article with some drills on how to improve yours:


3 responses to “Deep Squat

  1. I have a question. Thankfully I can perform the deep squat and maintain the position with both heels on the ground. So this is good. However, I have noticed that I have developed anterior tilt and I am working on correcting this.

    The problem is my squatting. I feel like my upper body is not upright when I am in a deep squat. Do you think with frequent squatting my range of motion will improve or should I work on some exercises to increase the range of motion in my upper body and shoulders?

    Btw…I watched videos from the group that performs the squats and they are impressive to say the least. Working out to increase motion seems to be the way to go.

    • At the bottom of a deep squat you will have a rounded back, thats normal. A straight back can only be maintained until your femur (thigh bone) is parallel to the floor – the tail bone will then tuck under and allow a deep squat. Try an Overhead Wall Squat. Like this:
      ..But have arms above head at shoulder width, elbows stay straight. You will feel your shoulders and upper back!
      Hope that helps, keep the questions and feedback coming! šŸ™‚

      • Thanks! I have the actual surfing down side down pat but I am far from an expert in the psychical science part. I like to study training and workout techniques that are functional.

        Enjoy your site and thanks!

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