Surf Lessons in New York

Learn how to surf before you even get wet. With dry-land surf lessons we teach you the basic movement patterns of surfing. Building the mobility, strength and balance you need to be able to catch your first wave and stand up. Even advanced surfers only spend 3-5% of their time in the water actually surfing a wave. This is both part of surfings allure and mystery, but also explains why it takes so long to learn. Cut down your learning time by building the correct movement patterns on dry land.

One to one personal lessons, and group lessons are available starting February 2014 in New York and Brooklyn.

Please email –  for more details and bookings.

2 responses to “Surf Lessons in New York

  1. Training for surfing is a great way to keep in shape overall. I can imagine that this class is pretty popular. Do you get the people into the water once the water temp gets more manageable??

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