How an accidental pedicure helped me surf better

My wife brought me a ‘foot massage’ as a gift at her local nail spa, they sat me in a chair and put my feet into a hot tub. I assumed that this was a warm up for the amazing foot massage I was about to receive. Instead, after 10 mins of soaking time a young lady came over with what looked like a parmesan cheese grater and began to aggressively attack the soles of my feet. I asked her if this was part of the massage? But she did not speak english and said ‘yes pedicure’, decided to go with it and enjoy.

I was shocked at how much of my tough foot skin was coming off and was sure she was going to draw blood! But afterwards when I stood up I felt the ground like I had never felt it before! The sensory perception of the bottom of my feet was hyper aware!

This hyper awareness was experienced during my surf the next day and I felt stuck to my board. I brought my own ‘foot grater’ and have a soak and self pedicure session once a week now! Regular pedicures also help keep on top of any cracks that can turn into splits during long surfs and changes of season.

Look after your feet!

I have had a few emails questions about foot care, so here is a vid on how to speed up the healing of foot splits, and how to prevent them:

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