Nathan Hedge, Pete Evans, + more..

I have been busy interviewing for the Surf Mastery Podcast since my last blog post, some awesome tips to take your surfing to the next level in these interviews:

Ep 005: MATT SCORRINGE. Former Pro Surfer and Current NZ Junior team coach Matt Scorringe reveals some of the strategies and surfing tips he uses with his clients.

Ep 006: PETE EVANS. Chef Pete Evans summarises the Paleo diet and discusses how it may just help you to surf better – and for longer.

Ep 007: NATHAN HEDGE. Pro Surfer, surf coach. Hedgy talks about Bells Beach, surf longevity and performance surfing in general.

Ep 008: PEGGY HALL. ‘Yoga for Surfers’ founder Peggy talks about how Yoga can increase your surfing performance, help avoid common surfing injuries, and much more.




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