Dry-Land Surf Lesson Workshop NYC

surftrainingny.com and Bent Pilates Present:

Dry-Land Surf Lesson Workshop

Learn the movements of surfing before your lesson.
Build the strength and mobility for fast pop ups and a balanced stance.
Surfing requires specific mobility and strength to be performed successfully, and to progress. Given that the amount of time you spend ‘surfing’ during a surf is minimal (3-5%) it makes sense to work on the movements of surfing before you hit the water and in between surfs.

We teach your body how to surf without the added dymamics of the ocean. So when you get in the water you can focus on having fun without bodily restriction getting in the way.

Designed for beginners and those looking to take thier first lesson this summer.

For more info check out: http://www.surftrainingny.com
or email:

When: 7:30pm Wednesday 9th April.

Where: Bent Pilates, 754 9th ave, NY, NY. 10019.

Tickets are $35.

Spots are limited! First in, First serve.
To book: phone Bent Pilates (212) 246 4556



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