Example Weekly Training Schedule – Monday

Monday: 15min light Swim, 15min Mobility and Body Awareness, 10 mins light strength work.

Monday is usually a recovery type of workout after having had a few longer surfs (or longer nights) over the weekend. So the Swim is very light, focusing on good technique.

Mobility and Body Awareness program:

Note: Body Awareness, Mobility, (as well as strength, fitness, performance etc) are all controlled by your nervous system. So some of these drill may not feel intense and may even seem somewhat mundane but they are specifically designed to awaken and train the nervous system – we start from the control room (cranium) and work our way down.

Cranium/ neck movements: (done slowly)

3x Lateral glides each way.

3x Forward glides each way.

3x 360 Rotation glides each way.

3x Lateral flexion each way.

3x Flexion-Extension.

3x Rotation each way

Full circles


Here is a Video to explain these

Thorasic and scapula movements:

3x Flexion-Extension

3x Lateral flexion

3x Rotation

3x rotation glides

Scapula cam shafts: 3x with arms forward, 3x with arms above head.


Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist:

3x small slow circles each way in 4 different positions

1. Arms above head, 2. Arms by side, 3. Arms above head, 4. Arms out to side at shoulder height.

3x elbow circles each way

3x Wrist flexion-extension

3x Wrist lateral flexion.

3x wrist circles


Lower Back, Pelvis and Hip:

3x Lower back forward circles

3x Lower back backward circles

3x Pelvis anterior-posterior tilts (small range)

3x hula hoop style circle

3x small circles in 3 different positions (keep leg internally rotated)

1, leg in front. 2, leg out to side. 3, Leg back


Knee and Ankle/Foot:

3x Knee circles (grounded)

3x Knee circles (ungrounded)

5x ankle spirals

3x Ankle figure of 8

Ankle roll out-in


Light Strength Work:

3x 15 pop up style push ups (video)

3x 15 body weight squats (full range)

3x 30 sec surfboard shape hold (video)

Alternate these with a 30sec rest between exercises. Should take less than 10 mins.


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